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Ahmediyya and Muslims

  by Imam Sheharyar Shaikh I do not believe that one should boycott anyone from holding a dialogue. One always learns something from an exchange, no matter how abhorrent or deviant their beliefs may be from one’s vantage point. One of the few exceptions I make is in the […]


by Sheharyar Shaikh On Saturday, June 16th, 2012, I met National Post columnist Jonathan Kay at the “Message of Peace: Countering Islamophobia” conference hosted by University of Toronto’s Muslim Students Association and ICNA Canada. Jonathan Kay and I, along with guest speakers from the U.S., shared a stage […]

A Review of the Ally/White Debate in Canada

by Sadat bin Anwar & Imad Ali The North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF) in Scarborough, Canada, was packed to the gills on March 22nd by an enthusiastic audience ready to watch these two respected debaters tackle the topic of “Did Jesus Claim Deity?” The majority of the audience […]