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Two mosques attacked in Germany

World Bulletin Two Turkish mosques in Germany’s Lower Saxony state has come under attack by unknown assailants. The molotof cocktail attack on the Haci Bayram mosque in Oldenburg over the weekend was an attempt of arson, police said. German authorities have begun an investigation into the attack on […]

Thousands of Germans protest against government spying

RT The rally in Berlin against federal surveillance gathered thousands of people under the motto ‘Freedom not fear,’ who were calling for stricter control of German intelligence agencies. The organizers said about 6,500 demonstrators, a broad coalition of pro-transparency, anti-surveillance and civil rights groups including the Electronic Frontier […]

Germany prepared to arm Kurds in Iraq

Daily Star Germany is prepared to send arms to Kurdish security forces in northern Iraq fighting Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) militants, Germany’s foreign and defense ministers said Wednesday. Military equipment such as helmets and security vests would be sent immediately, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier […]