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Fox News, or Jesus Channel?

Fox News is supposed to be a fair and balanced cable news channel, yet you wouldn’t know it after watching this clip, who can trust this channel as being anything other than a right wing Christian fundamentalist channel coated in supposed objective journalism?

Drone Attacks leave over 700 Civillians dead

After a year of drone attacks inside Pakistan, the death toll stands at 708, the dead include women, and children as well. Yet again we see the double standards, hypocrisy, and have to wonder what on earth none-Muslims are talking about when they want to attack Muslims as […]

Christian Extremists Pray for Obama’s death

Imagine these were Muslims preaching this stuff in America, and imagine they made and turned it into a major campaign with t-shirts and stickers! Everyone would go nuts! Right wing Christian terrorists had two failed assassination attempts on Obama’s life during his presidential campaign, so this isn’t something […]