Christian Extremists Pray for Obama’s death

Imagine these were Muslims preaching this stuff in America, and imagine they made and turned it into a major campaign with t-shirts and stickers! Everyone would go nuts! Right wing Christian terrorists had two failed assassination attempts on Obama’s life during his presidential campaign, so this isn’t something […]

Facts about Jesus (Gospel Facts)

-Jesus never called himself God -Jesus never called himself God the Son -Jesus never called himself the One and Only True God who deserves Worship -Jesus never claimed to be fully man and fully God -Jesus never claimed that God is a Trinity, or Three in One -Jesus […]

Mecca for Muslims Only

Christians often complain about the Law that bans any none-Muslim from the holy city of Mecca, they have a problem with the fact that only Muslims are allowed into this city, and hence they claim that this is discrimination and unfair. How about we spin that same logic […]