The pig god of modernism


Enlightenment thinkers set out to radically expand individual agency as much as they could. This doctrine of liberalism declared that societies are run best when every person is free to do what they want, so long that they do not directly physically harm others.

Of course, the recognition of who is or isn’t a person evolved gradually. Locke was intolerant of Catholics, the U.S Constitution declared a black person to be three-fifths of a citizen, women were barred from many rights, and minorities fought to become members of society. But nonetheless, slowly but surely, most people became considered persons in the liberalist sense.

So today, almost every political issue — from health care, to guns, taxes, drugs, abortion, gay marriage, immigration — is predicated on this doctrine: expand freedom, reduce [direct, physical] harm. The left and the right may disagree on what policies free people the most and harm people the least, but this continuum is still the basis of their platforms. Many of us have internalized this paradigm so much that we cannot see it, let alone think outside of it.

They also hold some other basic assumptions in common: that power controls the world, that knowledge is primarily empirical, that the state is the locus of our loyalty and our protection, and ultimately, that ethics is not defined by religion. Thus, it tells you that you must cast aside everything that gets in the way of your “freedom”: tradition, family, even God Himself. The only God that they can accept [for now] is a toothless, permissive deity, relegated to your private worship. The real god of liberalism is the self.

But is this “self” even “human” anymore? The economy and media is designed to appeal to our lowest common denominators: food, sex, ego, and material goods. The economy and media are also the primary drivers of politics. Democracies allow us to vote, but we are cultured in a way where very few of us would ever vote to restrict our freedom, even for our own good or the good of the planet. The individual wants both his hands absolutely extended (5:64), and will not take no for an answer from anyone, even God.

The individual, thus, has become an animal. Not just any animal, but a pig. A pig that feeds on its own young, eats filth, does not properly digest what it is given, and cannot be organized into a herd. The pig takes no leader but his own carnality. So in the name of the self, we create dangerous new technologies, destroy our planet, torture animals, profit off the persecution of others, and rebel against our Creator.

Satan put his ego first (7:12), preferring himself over Adam, and preferring himself over the command of Allah. If you resemble Satan, then perhaps Satan is your wali.

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