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Islam doesn't require perfection- How Islam deals with sin


Evangelical Christians often try to put Islam down by saying there is no atonement for sin in Islam, that in Islam sinners can simply be forgiven by God and sent to heaven by being a good person.

For Evangelicals this cannot be, God simply can’t forgive a person of their sin without atonement, the sin cannot simply be absolved by the person repenting and becoming a good person, there must be blood as they.

Now it is true, in Islam God doesn’t require perfection from you to enter paradise, and this is indeed something wonderful. We as humans are not perfect, and we never will be, so how just would it be for God to expect complete perfection from us when we were created to not be perfect?

Having a God that understands your limits, and a God that understands you will make mistakes, and accepts that you will make these mistakes, is a far better and understanding God than one who doesn’t. In Islam it’s not about being perfect, rather it’s about realizing your shortcomings when you make them, and to then pick yourself back up by turning to God.

A God who is always open to you no matter how bad you are is indeed a God worth worshipping, and this is an excellent relationship to have, because no matter how bad you are, God is always there for you to turn to, he doesn’t shut the door on you to reform yourself and make amends, he is waiting and very much willing for you to turn to him and realize the wrongs you have made, and to right those wrongs.

God at the end of the day is the All-Merciful, the All-Forgiving, and the All-Hearing one, so he can forgive and show his mercy to you no matter what, obviously you have to be sincere and change your ways, but the door is not shut, and God doesn’t require perfection from you, and he isn’t going to punish you for eternity just because you were not perfect during your existence.

Now back to the Evangelicals, their position doesn’t really make a lot of sense, for starters they say God can do anything, so if God can do anything, why then can’t he simply forgive the person of their sin, why must their be blood or a sacrifice? Isn’t God capable of doing everything? If he is, then it would be very simple and easy of him to forgive someone’s shortcomings without the necessity of a sacrifice.

Secondly, how just is the human sacrifice of Jesus, has the sin really been atoned for? At close scrutiny, the answer is a solid no. Basically all Jesus dying for you means is that your sin was transferred to Jesus, and he paid for it, how is that just? This is the equivalent of a judge passing the crime and punishment for person A, to person B.

So let’s say person A committed murder, rather than punishing person A for what he has done, and for person A to take full responsibility for what he has done, the judge puts the crime and sentencing on person B, and person A get’s off scotch free, all person A has to do is accept person B taking the fall for him, and he can live happily ever after. What kind of nonsensical theory of justice is this?

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