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Quranic miracle: the best opportunity to refute Islam


The Prophet  (peace be upon him) had an uncle who was known by the nick name ‘Abu Lahab’ which means ‘Father of the flame’ because of his fiery temper. This uncle was one of the staunchest enemies of the prophet and of Islam.

He would follow the Prophet {saw} and whenever he saw him speaking to a stranger, he would wait till they had parted and then ask the stranger,”What did Muhammad  (blessings and peace be upon him) tell you ? Did he say black? Its white! Did he say morning? It’s night!”. He would state the exact opposite of what the Prophet {saw} said.

 There is a chapter in the Qur’aan called Surah Al-Lahab i.e. chapter 111 named after Abu Lahab. This chapter prophesied that Abu Lahab and his wife will perish in the hell fire – implying he will never become a Muslim and therefore will enter the hell fire (place of eternal perdition).

Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab, and perish he! Neither his wealth benefited him, nor what he earned. He will soon enter a Fire, full of flames. And his wife as well, the wicked carrier of the firewood. Around her neck there is (a collar of iron, like) a well twisted rope.


تَبَّتۡيَدَآأَبِىلَهَبٍ۬وَتَبَّ(١) مَآأَغۡنَىٰعَنۡهُمَالُهُ ۥوَمَاڪَسَبَ(٢) سَيَصۡلَىٰنَارً۬اذَاتَلَهَبٍ۬(٣) وَٱمۡرَأَتُهُ ۥحَمَّالَةَٱلۡحَطَبِ(٤) فِىجِيدِهَاحَبۡلٌ۬مِّنمَّسَدِۭ(٥)

This Surah was revealed 10 years before Abu Lahab died as an unbeliever in the battle of Badr. Many of Abu Lahab’s friends and other disbelievers accepted Islam in the span of 10 years since this Surah was revealed. Abu Lahab was very intelligent and one of the staunchest enemy of Islam who was always eager to try and prove that the Qur’an was false and was of human invention.All that Abu Lahab had to do, to prove the Qur’an and Surah Abu Lahab wrong was state ‘I am a Muslim’– the Qur’aan would have been proved wrong.

He did not have to behave like a Muslim. Even if he falsely, for name sake said that he was a Muslim, the Qur’aan would have been proved wrong in the eyes of men.It is as though the Prophet {saw} was telling Abu Lahab you hate me, you want to finish me, here say these words,”I am a Muslim” and I am finished ! Abu Lahab had 10 years to think over it, but he never uttered this statement. No logical person will ever put such a claim in his book unless he was blind sure of the outcome.

Two Questions:

(1)How did the prophet know that Abu Lahab and his wife would never convert to Islam like many did back in the days?
(2) And why did it never come to Abu Lahab’s mind that all he had to do is fake a conversion to Islam to discredit this chapter in the Qur’aan and destroy this faith?

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