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If Allah is so powerful, why can't he become a man?



At first glance, this seems like a pretty strong argument. God in both Christianity and Islam is defined to be all powerful. So if God is all powerful, why does Christianity say He can become a man and Islam says He cannot? The argument however does not include a deep study on the nature of God and due to this, answering this question-argument becomes a very simple matter.

Defining God

Both Muslims and Christians believe that God is an all powerful being.

God’s Nature is Absolute

Both Muslims and Christians believe that God’s nature does not change, He was all powerful, is all powerful and will always be all powerful. For example, God does not take on a new attribute or new nature, he was always all knowing, he didn't become all knowing at one point in time, becoming more intelligent than at a previous point. 

Man’s Nature Differs 

Both Muslims and Christians believe that mankind is not all powerful. Man, unlike God, is limited. 

Muslim Response

If God is all powerful and man is not all powerful, can God’s nature of being all powerful, change to becoming not all powerful? How can an all powerful God become less powerful? How can an unlimited, become limited? 


  • God is all powerful.
  • If God gains power, then by definition He was not all powerful before and thus cannot be considered a God.
  • If God loses power, then by definition He is not all powerful and thus cannot be considered a God.

Since a Trinitarian believes that God can become a man, and a man is not all powerful, how can God remain all powerful yet be unable to defend himself (Christ was allegedly subject to Roman torture) and unable to eat (so hungry he cursed a fig tree)? If God is all powerful, no being or person should be able to overcome him, since Christ was overcome, then he clearly was not God. So the simple answer is: Whereas God is always all powerful, man is not.

A Christian apologist may argue Jesus 'chose' to take all of these things unto himself, that would still not change the fact that he chose to take on an attribute of weakness by becoming a man, thus meaning he cannot be God because God is always all powerful, and does not change. So by no longer being all powerful, he is no longer God, and the very fact he changed and took on a new nature, when God does not change and always is, also again means he can't be God.

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