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The fruits of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)



Some people, notably the critics of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), often ask what were the fruits of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? So we've decided to draw up a list of the fruits and accomplishments of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). 

-The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) completely succeeded in his mission of establishing pure monotheism and the Islamic faith in the Arab Hijazi society. He had taken the society and established order including the elite away from polytheism, this polytheism was replaced by pure monotheism, no longer were the 360 man made idols being worshiped, no longer was any object or person worshiped alongside the true God, rather all worship became sincerely for God alone.

-The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) succeeded in bringing social reforms to a backward people. These were a people who looked down upon the poor as being worthless, in fact the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to mock him because most of his followers were from the poor, and the pagans used this as their proof against Islam, saying that if Islam was the truth then the strong and rich (the elite) would have been following it, not the weak and poor. Islam completely got rid of this backward concept, Islam elevated the status of the poor people, and no longer was this a society that looked down upon the poor, rather they were looked on as equals, and the society took it as an obligation to themselves to help the poor, rather than simply look down on them and leave them as they were.

-The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) elevated the status of women. Prior to Islam the women of the Hijazi society were paraded around as sexual tools, they would dance half naked for the drunk and raving pagans, and would often afterwards have to fornicate with the pagan men against their will. Women also didn't have a legal right to an inheritance, and often times they wouldn't have a legal right to a voluntary marriage as well, they would be forced to marry into other family members once the husband died, and at many times were forced to remain in a marriage against their will. Islam gave the women the right to an inheritance, and the right to choose who she wants to marry, and the right to not be forced to remain in a marriage. On top of that the hideous act of burying daughters alive was ended once and for all, and thanks to that the genocide of generations of females had been averted.

-The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought modesty to an immodest people. The people used to perform their religious rites while naked as just one example. After the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) these people became one of the most modest people ever known. They became a people who covered up while praying, the women became a people who covered their beauty, not displaying it out in the open.

-The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) got rid of the tribal culture, before the advent of Islam people would look after one another based on tribal belongings, after the advent of Islam it did not matter which tribe you belonged to, you became one community, all equal, and all under protection of each other. It did not matter if you were from Makkah, or Medinah, you would not be discriminated against because of your tribal roots. You would also not be discriminated based on your race, or ethnicity, if you were black, it didn't make you inferior, if you were non-Arab, it didn't make you inferior. All humans no matter what race or ethnicity were equal. 

-The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) got rid of the backward culture of taking advantage of the weak, and not looking after them properly. Islam brought strict rules on treating orphans and the weak, warning of severe punishments if these groups were mistreated, and if any of their belongings which had been passed down to them had been abused or withheld from them. Islam introduced an actual system to look after these people, much like how we have laws and systems today. 

-The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) turned a weak and useless people into one of the strongest most disciplined society, a society that became feared and respected by its enemies, and a society that eventually overthrew the oppressive regimes and the two major world empires of the polytheistic Persians and that of the Byzantine empire. These events began to set into motion during the last years of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and came into complete impact just a few short years after his death.

So ladies and gentlemen these are the fruits of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), he achieved success on a complete level, both on the theology and social affairs.

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