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How the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lead to a better society



Many things have been said and written about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), often times in a negative manner, indeed the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been one of the most maligned persons in history.

If we stood away from the negativity, we would actually find that his teachings offer a great example and lesson for society to benefit from.

In this article we shall highlight some of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) teachings to show how his teachings if properly followed, could lead to a much better society.

As we all know, racial issues has been a problem in our society for centuries, the issue of racism is an ugly blight on humans, and something that doesn’t seem to go away. 1400 years ago, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made the following remarks in his farewell speech:

“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.”

A very powerful message that hits right at the heart of racism. Muhammad (pbuh) made it clear that no human race is better than another, that one is only better than another based on their actions. 

One could say the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was speaking well ahead of his time with these teachings. But we now ask, aren’t these teachings very important for our society? If modern society did take these teachings to heat, would it not lead to a better society? Off course it would.

The Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) teaching against racism is a very beneficial teaching for society, and a teaching that could make society much better if properly followed.

Another major problem society faces has to do with those struggling in poverty, we see it all around us, and we constantly hear all about it. Millions of people are struggling; millions of people go to bed hungry every night, without having a proper meal to sustain them. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said the following:

Ibn Abbas reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: the person who eats his full and the neighbor in his surroundings is hungry is not Muslim”

Yet another powerful message and teaching from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The meaning of this teaching is very simple, that we must look after our fellow people in society, and how shameful it is, for us to eat and be happy, while others in society on the other hand have nothing to eat and are starving. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is obviously enjoining it upon the people to make sure such a situation doesn’t happen. Can one say that this is not a good teaching that could lead to a better society? A society makes sure that other people are not going hungry?

Now studies have shown that the bedrock of a good society begins with the family, studies show that strong families lead to better societies, and that the opposite often leads to a worsening condition of society. Many people who have come from bad households have often eventually found themselves involved in crime.

So what did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have to say when it comes to the family?

The best of you is the one who is best to his own family, and I am the best of you towards my family

So the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught the people that the best of persons are those who are best to their own family, in other words have good relations and treatment towards your family. Notice the importance the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) attached to this teaching, he went as far as to say that the best persons, are the ones who are good with their family, that’s how important this is.

So we ask again, does this teaching lead to a better society if followed? Off course it does, a strong family leads to a strong society, and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said the best persons are those who are the best to their own family, can’t get any stronger than that for society.

In conclusion we have seen 3 teachings from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), three teachings that would have a definite and positive impact on society if properly followed, nobody can honestly look at these teachings and say they wouldn’t lead to a good society. 


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