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A guide to Islam (part 2)



In this article we continue our introduction and guide to Islam for non-Muslims interested in learning about the faith.

In part one we talked about the 5 pillars of Islam, which can be read here:

Now in Islam along with the 5 pillars, Muslims are also required to believe in 6 articles of faith, the 6 articles of faith are as follows:

-Belief in God

-Belief in the angels

-Belief in the books of God

-Belief in the messengers

-Belief in judgment day

-Belief in divine decree

A Muslim must affirm and believe in the above 6 articles of faith. Let’s go through each article and explain what they entail.

The first article of faith is the belief in God. What this means is that Muslims affirm and believe in God, that a divine being does indeed exist, our creator and so forth. It also means that Muslims believe in one God, and that this one and true God is the only one worthy worship. Belief in God means that Muslims must have a correct belief in God, simply saying yeah I believe in one God isn’t enough, one must have a correct understanding of who God is.

The second article of faith is to believe in the angels, that angels are in fact real, that they do exist, and have been created as living beings by God, just like humans have been created. Muslims believe in all the angels mentioned by name in the Quran and hadiths, such as the angel Gabriel who came down with the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). So the existence of angels is something very real, and that they were created from light by God to obey his will and commands.

The third article of faith is to believe in the books of God. What this means is that Muslims believe in all the revelations of God, such as the Quran for example. It also means that Muslims believe and affirm in the previous revelations and books given by God, such as the Torah and Gospel. Just to be clear though, Muslims believe in the original Torah and Gospel, which we currently do not have, the modern day version of the Torah and Gospel(s) are not the original, they do contain some truths that Muslims affirm and believe in, but as a whole they are not considered to be authentic by Muslims. Muslims believe in the original ones that were revealed.

The fourth article of faith is to believe in the messengers of God, this means that Muslims believe in the messengers and prophets of God who have been entrusted with spreading the message of God. Muslims believe in all the prophets from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Ishmael and Isaac to Jacob to David to Solomon to John to Jesus and to Muhammad peace be upon them all!

The fifth article is to believe in judgment day, that this day is very real, and will happen. A day in which all people shall be gathered before God, and to have everything they have done in their lives, good and bad, be brought forth, and for that person to be brought to account for all they have done. Those who are dead shall be brought back to life, and resurrected when this day occurs.

The sixth and final article of faith is to believe in divine decree, that is to believe that God is aware of everything that happens at all times, even aware of things that will happen before they happen, and that he has recorded it all down in a book. It also means that everything that does happen and everything that will occur also happens by his will and consent; nothing is outside his control, grasp, and will.

So a Muslim must believe in all of these 6 articles of faith to be a true Muslim. The 6 articles of faith alongside the 5 pillars of Islam are the cornerstone of Islam, the slight difference between the two, is that the articles of faith have more to do with faith, that’s why in fact they’re called the articles of ‘faith’, while the pillars of Islam are a combination of faith and actions, actions such as prayer, fasting, giving charity, and making the pilgrimage. 


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