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A biblical basis to attack the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?



If one were to come across some of the most common arguments thrown against the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Christian missionaries they’d be the following:

1-The Prophet’s marriage to Aisha

2-The Prophet’s polygamous marriages

3-The Prophet’s fighting in the cause of God

These three arguments in essence are the main ones that are often raised, obviously there are many more arguments they raise, but the following 3 tend to be the most common.

Now rather than trying to explain or defend all of these issues, we’re going to do something else, and simply ask the Christian critics for the basis, or should we say, the biblical basis of these arguments.

In other words, where does the Bible explicitly, and specifically condemn the above actions? Now surely since Christian critics bring these arguments up on a regular basis, then it must be in the Bible right? So we lay out three simple requests.

1-Produce any verses from the Bible that A) give a specific set age of marriage above 9 years old, B) forbids marriages to 9 year olds.

2-Produce any verses from the Bible that A) gives a set number of how many women a man can marry, B) explicitly forbids the marriage to more than 1 woman, C) says that men are only allowed to have 1 wife.

3- Produce any verses from the Bible that A) condemns someone who fights in the cause of God as being worthy of condemnation, and being false, B) explicitly condemns fighting in the cause of God.

These requests surely shouldn’t be hard for our Christian critics to respond to, after all, they regularly make arguments against these positions, so one would naturally assume that it’d be very easy for them to produce the verses we have requested for.

Now assuming they can’t produce the verses, then we ask our Christian critics on what criteria are they basing these arguments from? If the Bible doesn’t outright condemn these things, then from where are they condemning it? If it’s not a biblical basis, then what is their foundation for these attacks?

We eagerly await for the verses. 


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