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If the Jewish Bible foretold of Jesus' death and resurrection, why was nobody expecting it?


Christian apologists constantly claim that Jesus’ mission was foretold in the Old Testament. Things like the messiah coming and dying the sins of mankind, and then resurrecting after three days, was all prophesized by the prophets of old.

There is a big problem with this however, and it is a problem that Christian apologists have no good answers to. If the Old Testament spoke of the things they claim, then why were Jesus disciples and followers shocked and saddened when he died? If this was foretold and taught already, shouldn’t they have been expecting this, rather than the opposite?

Not only were his followers and disciples saddened and shocked by his death, when it comes to his resurrection they were also doubtful, they didn’t believe at first. But if the Old Testament talked about the messiah coming to die and rising after three days, then shouldn’t have they been waiting those three days until Jesus came back to life? When we read the gospels we don’t see that they were waiting or expecting Jesus to come back, which is why they were very doubtful when they started hearing about him coming back to life.

Obviously these are big problems as anyone can see, the two do not go together, both the disciples and followers of Jesus were massively ignorant on what their Jewish Bible taught them, or the Jewish Bible never taught such things.

If Jesus’ disciples were that ignorant, then why should anyone take their writings, this in itself possess a whole series of other problems, what else were they ignorant about, and what else did they not understand or misunderstand?

But what if the disciples and followers of Jesus were not ignorant? Well there is one answer that makes a lot of sense, and something that is very logical. If Jesus’ disciples were not expecting him to die, and if Jesus’ followers were not expecting him to resurrect, and if they were doubtful about his resurrection, then the simple fact is because they never knew of such teachings. It’s that simple, the Jewish Bible never taught such things for anybody to believe in them.

So the disciples were saddened at Jesus’ death precisely because the Jewish Bible never taught or foretold of such a thing, that the messiah would come and be slain by his enemies and crucified like a common criminal or insurgent. The disciples were not expecting Jesus to rise from the dead because the Jewish Bible never taught or foretold of such a thing, that after being killed the messiah would rise after three days. The disciples were doubtful of Jesus rising from the dead, again because the Jewish Bible never taught such things for them to be expecting it.

When these points are raised towards Christian apologists, they never have good answers. What Christian missionaries and apologists would like us to believe is that they understand the Jewish Bible, and that they can see and read the passages that clearly talk about the messiah coming to die for the sins of the world, and to rise after three days. However the disciples and followers of Jesus, and literally every single other person who read the Jewish Bible, were never able to come to this understand, only Christian missionaries and apologists were able to do so.


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