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Did Jesus empty himself of power, or didn't he according to the Bible?


When we quote passages from the Gospels that clearly prove that Jesus isn't God, Christian apologists will claim that those verses are referring to Jesus as a man, i.e. his human nature, and that he emptied himself of divinity and power as the NT states:

but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. (Philippians 2:7)

So they will quote this verse and say Jesus emptied himself of power and divinity, and by doing so he became like all men which is why he does things such as prayer, sleeping, as well as not knowing the last hour.

Now comes the problem, when it comes to Jesus' miracles, such as raising the dead, healing the blind, and curing the leper. Christian apologists will claim that these miracles and acts of Jesus prove he is divine and God, but what happened to Philippians chapter 2 where he supposedly emptied himself of this divine power?

Note the inconsistency, when Jesus acts like all of us humans, they say well yes he ‘emptied' himself of divinity and power.

Yet when he performs miracles he all of a sudden becomes divine again? How does that work? Did he empty himself of power and divinity or didn't he?

When Jesus clearly shows he can't be God by praying, eating, and sleeping. The response is that this is the man Jesus who emptied himself according to Philippians 2.

When it comes to miracles it seems that the power and divinity miraculously came back into Jesus and he is no longer emptied according to Philippians 2 and he can do this because he is God.

So which is it? Did Jesus empty himself or didn't he? Or was the doctrine of Philippians chapter 2 invented, to get rid of problems such as Jesus praying, eating, and sleeping.

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