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Is the Trinity biblical?



Trinitarians insist that God is a trinity and that the Trinity is a biblical concept. Muslims and Christian Trinitarians have gone back and forth on the issue, on whether God is truly a trinity, composed of 3 in 1, and whether the Trinity is taught in the Bible.

Disproving the Trinity as a biblical concept is in fact quite easy and very simple, all one has to do is look at history, and to see whether we can find any group of Jewish people pre-Christianity that believed in a Trinitarian God. Now when we look at Jewish history before Christianity, we find no group of Jews that believed in a Trinitarian God, there were no Jews who believed or taught that God is 3 in 1.

In fact not only do we find no Jews that believed in the Trinity, we find no Jew (singular) that believed or taught the Trinity, not even one Jewish person. Now this is very strange, for if the Bible taught that God was a trinity, then we would’ve found several Jews believing in a Trinitarian God, yet we find no such thing at all.

Now this is truly a strange thing, Trinitarian apologists insist that the Trinity is clearly taught in the Bible, so how is it we find no Jews that believed in it? Let’s make this clear, we find no Jewish person that ever believed or taught the Christian concept of the Trinity. There were no group of Jews that were going around claiming that God is composed of a Father, a Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Trinitarians may argue that the Jewish community were just blind to the truth, yet this argument is far fetched. Yes, it may be at certain times that the majority fails to see or acknowledge the truth, but in this case, there was not a single person acknowledging or speaking of the Trinity. So this isn’t a case of a majority not teaching or believing in the Trinity, and a tiny group that were believers in the Trinity, this is a case of nobody believing or preaching about the Trinity, and everybody believing in a concept of God that is not the Trinity. There is no minority here going against the majority, as we said, there isn’t even one person here calling to a Trinitarian concept of God.

The only answer a Trinitarian can give is that the entire Jewish community of 2000 years were just blind to the Trinity being taught in their own book, and it was finally when Jesus came, that the Trinity became known, though again, such an answer is far fetched and highly convenient, and quite circular too.

The problem doesn’t even end with the appearance of Jesus, because a Trinitarian would argue that all finally became clear when Jesus appeared, yet this is still not the case. Anyone who studies Christian history will learn that the Trinity was not the official doctrine of the ‘orthodox’ Christianity, and this was the case for centuries. For centuries you had several different Christian sects and ideologies each with their own different version of God, some believed in a Trinity, some believed in a different form-version of Trinity, and some didn’t believe in the Trinity at all (these Christians still exist today, known as Unitarian Christians, and Oneness Christians).

It wasn’t until the Council of Nicaea that the Trinity finally and officially became to be declared as orthodoxy, and this was done by a vote of clergymen hundreds of years after Jesus appeared.


In conclusion, the Trinity isn’t as biblical as Trinitarian apologists would have us believe.

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