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Christmas and Easter prove Jesus isn't God



Within Christianity, there are 2 major holidays-festivals, Christmas, and Easter. What’s very interesting about both holidays is they both happen to disprove the deity of Jesus.

The Christmas holiday is all about celebrating the birthday of Jesus, so because it was the day that Jesus was born, Christians around the world celebrate the day. This in itself proves that Jesus is not God, after all, how can God have a birthday? If God has a birthday, it means he was born, and Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. As we all know, God is not begotten, he was never born, he is eternal, he always was/is, and has always existed. Being born is something associated with humans, who aren’t eternal, which is why we’re eventually born and come into existence.

So the fact that Jesus was given birth to, proves he isn’t and cannot be God, can anyone honestly say that God was born on such and such day? That doesn’t make any sense, and is an obvious contradiction of God’s attribute of being eternal.

Then we get to the Easter holiday, Easter is about marking the day Jesus rose from the dead, and this also proves Jesus was not God. If Jesus raised from the dead, it means he was initially dead, that he died. Yet as we all know, God doesn’t die, he is eternal, and he always exists. If he died, then he isn’t eternal, and cannot be God. Part of God’s attributes is that he never dies, dying is something associated with the creation, and not the creator.

So Christmas says that Jesus was born, and Easter says Jesus rose from the dead, both together conclusively prove that Jesus wasn’t God, because God is not begotten, nor does he die, it’s as simple as that. If he was born, then it means he isn’t eternal, if he died, then again it means he is not eternal as both dying and being born are attributes of the creation.

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