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Does the Jewish Bible talk about God in the Flesh and the messiah dying?



Christian missionaries allege that Jesus was God in the flesh, that he was the messiah who came to die for everybody’s sins, and that he would rise in 3 days. Now the big problem with all of this is that during Jesus’ time, it seems nobody was aware of any such theology. Nobody was expecting God to come in the flesh, and they certainly were not expecting God or the messiah to come down to die for everybody’s sins, and to rise after 3 days.

Christian missionaries allege that all of these teachings are found in the Jewish Bible, but if that’s the case, then why were no Jews expecting God to come in the flesh? Why were no Jews expecting the messiah to come and die for their sins? Surely if this was taught in the Jewish Bible, then people would have been expecting it, right? Even to this day Judaism completely rejects any claim of God being a man, or becoming a man, and that the messiah would be God who would come to die for everybody’s sins.

To show how unexpected people were, just look at the case of the disciples, if we are to believe the Gospel accounts, then according to the Gospels when Jesus told his disciples that he would have to die, they were very upset and said they would not allow this to happen. Now why would they say such a thing if this was foretold in the Old Testament, if this was a teaching laid down by God? If indeed this teaching was laid down in the OT, then the disciples wouldn’t have told Jesus they don’t want him to die, and neither would they have been upset about it, after all God’s plan was being fulfilled right before their eyes.

More to the point, after Jesus dies, they do get very upset, and when Jesus rises from the dead they’re all in shock and disbelief. But why would they be upset if Jesus died? According to Christian missionaries the Jewish Bible taught about Jesus’ death and resurrection, so the disciples should’ve been thinking that Jesus was going to rise from the dead soon, so they wouldn’t have to be sad about it. Even after Jesus rises from the dead, the disciples are in shock and disbelief, again if this was foretold and taught in the Old Testament, shouldn’t they have been expecting this to happen? Did everybody suddenly get amnesia and forget what was taught in the Jewish Bible? Or is this down to the fact that the Jewish Bible never taught anything about a messiah coming down to die for people’s sins, and to rise after 3 days.

These are very real problems for Christian theology, problems that Christian missionaries have no good answers to. 


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