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The God who grows in wisdom?



According to the Gospel of Luke, we read the following about Jesus:

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. (Luke 2:52)

According to Luke, Jesus grew in wisdom, which means that over time he became smarter, just like a normal human being, over time we get older and we grow in wisdom, we learn new things etc.

Now the problem with this is that Jesus is supposedly God , so therefore the Q we have to ask is how in the world does God get smarter over time? He is all knowing. His wisdom is perfect, and he doesn't need to take time to learn new things, or to 'grow' in wisdom. So if infact Jesus is God, this means that God was not perfect in knowledge, as he had to grow in nature, and this obviously is a major problem. 

Another problem with Luke 2:52 is that it claims that Jesus also became more favourable to God over time, yet according to Christians Jesus has existed in eternity with God, and was already loved by God and so forth, so how is it possible for Jesus to increase his stature in the sight of God?

Another problem is that Jesus is God, so how in the world does Jesus increase his favour with God if he is God, so in other words Jesus increases his favour with himself? God's stature grow in the sight of God? 

In conclusion, Luke 2:52 poses several problems for the Trinitarian theology, however so, Luke 2:52 is very consistent if we are to believe that Jesus was 1) not God 2) was just a prophet and messenger of God. 

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