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Can God do anything? Can he become Satan?



There are some Christians who assert that God can do anything, that nothing is impossible for him. For example they argue that Muslims limit God and his power by saying he cannot become a man.

Now if Christians believe that God can do anything and everything, this poses a whole load of problems for them as we shall shortly illustrate, it’s quite apparent that our Christian friends have not thought or considered the implications of saying God can do anything and everything.

So if God can do everything, then is it possible for him to make himself no longer God? You see how absurd that is right? But according to our Christian friends, the answer is yes; God can make himself no longer God.

How about this one, if God can do anything, can God become Satan? Our Christian friends will have no choice but to answer yes since they believe he can anything, so according to Christian theology, God can become Satan! One may also ask how do we know that God is not Satan? If God can do anything, then he is anything is he not? For example, how can you be sure God isn’t Satan? Just because he tells you he isn’t? Well according to Christian theology God can do anything, so how do we know he isn’t lying to us?

In my faith I have assurances from God, because God in the Quran says he does not break his word or promises, Christians will say they have this assurance too, but do they really? They say God can do anything, so what’s to say he will break his promise? In Islam God will not break his promise, because his word is final, but for a Christian they would say we are limiting God by saying he won’t break his word because he can do anything. Exactly, so Christians can never be assured of anything their God says because he can do anything!

But back to the point of God becoming Satan, if God can do anything, then God can become Satan, just think of how absurd that is! And as we said, Christians can give us no conclusive evidence that God is not Satan, because if he can do anything, and has no set limits, then you never know where you stand with God.

Also if God is capable of doing everything, then is he also capable of creating a rock so heavy he can’t lift himself? How about this one, can God create another God? According to Christians, the answer is yes, even though this is completely absurd, but it seems our Christian friends want to believe in the absurdity for some reason. Christians won’t even be able to give you a coherent and straight answer to these 2 questions, just go ask them, and enjoy the circus act.

It seems Christians have a very superficial understanding of what it means when we say God can’t create another God, or God can’t kill himself, or God can’t limit himself, when they see the word ‘cannot’ they assume God is limited and not all powerful when it’s the opposite. The reason God cannot kill himself, is because he is eternal, all living, and his attributes in this regard are perfect. So it is impossible for him to become imperfect, so we’re not limiting him, rather he is so perfect that this makes it impossible for him to kill himself or to limit himself.

God does not and cannot go against his perfect attributes, because he is the height of perfection!

So it’s not limiting God, it is precisely because God is unlimited and all powerful, that he cannot become limited and go against his attributes, in other words, God does not do ungodly things because is God and it is impossible for him to do ungodly things because he is perfect, not because he limited.

God cannot create a rock so heavy that he can’t lift because he is all-powerful and he is perfect in his all powerfulness, and it is impossible for him to ever be in a state of weakness or to be able to not do something, such as lifting a rock that’s too heavy. If God created a rock so heavy that even he could not lift, then he would not be all-powerful, and so he would not be perfect in that attribute, and so he would and could not be God, because God is perfect.

Is God limited because he can’t create such a rock? No, because as we said God is perfect in his power that it is impossible for him to ever be weak, so the reason why he cannot create the rock isn’t because he is limited, but because it’s IMPOSSIBLE for him to be weak, this how people should understand this.

It’s very simple, God is perfect, and it’s impossible for him to be imperfect, so he can never die, he can never show weakness, not because he’s limited, but because he’s perfect and he can never be imperfect.

Now our Christian friends would disagree, their God could die, which makes no sense, because God is eternal is he not? For them God can create another God which makes no sense since God is 1 and eternal, if God created another God that God would be created but God is eternal, and if you had 2 God’s it’s obviously not 1 God but now 2 Gods even though God said that he absolutely one, yes, you make sense out of this. As we said earlier, Christians simply want to argue on the absolute absurdities, and on the absolute paradoxes.


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