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Atheists and the supernatural



Atheists often scoff at the supernatural element connected to religions and God. For example you will often hear atheists mockingly telling Muslims ‘you believe in a flying horse’ as some sort of argument that disproves the basis of the Muslim-theistic belief.

Yes, as Muslim theists, we do believe in the supernatural, the miracles and so forth. Believing in the supernatural however does not make the belief false, nor does it count as an argument for the atheist, in other words an atheist simply taking issue with the supernatural does not establish anything, simply pointing out that Moses split the sea does not count as an argument in favor of atheism.

If we are to presuppose that God does in fact exist, then the idea and acts of the supernatural are not something absurd, but a reality. After all if God does exist, then he exists outside the realms of science and physics, and can act outside that natural order, and hence the supernatural becomes entirely plausible and easily acceptable.

But for the atheist, God does not exist, everything is only based on what our minds can see and touch, they out of hand reject any such thing as the supernatural, and again this doesn’t really count as an argument against the theist or religion. Just because you as an atheist have situated yourself on a position that rejects the supernatural, does not make the supernatural false or untrue.

Now once again if God does exist, then the element of the supernatural does not become something impossible or out of hand, for all things are possible with God. So therefore God could grant and give miracles, God could grant and give miraculous events, and so forth. God is all powerful as we Muslim theists believe, so the act of the miracle is very easily acceptable, God is not limited by the natural materialistic order of things, the natural materialistic order that atheists confine and limit their worldview to.

So if God is not confined to the natural order of things, then miracles and the like are more than able to be carried out, and the same with miraculous events that go against the laws of science. If God does exist, then he’s obviously the one that created the laws of science, and as such, he is more than able to bend and break them. But the problem again, is that the atheist is on a standpoint that is confined and limited, their minds don’t allow them to grasp and go further and into the points we have mentioned, but that’s their problem and not the problem for the theist, and it’s certainly not a position or argument that hurts the theist position. 


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