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We don't need religion because it causes division and conflict?



As an argument against religion, atheists will say that religion causes major division, and conflict on the planet. As such, religion is a force for bad, and for these reasons it should be done away with.

The argument is quite weak when looking at it, because it’s a fact that such an argument is not unique for religion, for example it’s not true that religion is the only, or unique cause for divisions and conflict between humans. The alternative order that atheists put forward, when looked at from the criteria that they have put forward, fails.

There are many other ideologies and causes that have created division and conflict amongst humanity, so simply pointing a finger at religion doesn’t really count as a major argument, unless the other alternatives out there do the opposite, and the alternatives do not.

For example, political ideologies within a secular framework have been known to cause major divisions amongst the people, with left VS right, Democrat VS Republican, Liberal VS Conservative, Socialist VS Capitalist, Communist VS Capitalist, and the list goes on and on. Yet no atheist calls for the dismantling of politics within a secular framework, even though it’s been causing divisions amongst the people.

What about conflict? Some of the deadliest and most violent conflicts of our times have been the result of not religion, but secular based political ideologies. WW1, and WW2 were not based on religion, but competing political worldviews, with Nazism, Fascism, and Communism. After the end of the World War 2 the conflict was then fought between the two secular political ideologies of Communism, VS the Liberal Democratic-Capitalistic west, a conflict we all known as the Cold War which left millions of people dead and injured through proxy battles fought between the west and the Soviet Union.

Yet with all these facts, atheists for some strange reason try to make it seem that division and conflict is uniquely religious, when it’s obviously not the case. Or they try to argue that division-conflict caused by religion is worse than division-conflict caused by non-religious causes, such as secular ideologies, a highly convenient argument you would say.

It must be said that conflict-division is not merely rooted in secular competing political ideologies, but is also caused by many other non-religious philosophies, such as nationalism, patriotism, tribalism, and the list goes on. In essence, when atheists try to argue that conflict-division is a uniquely religious thing, or that conflict-division caused by religion is worse than others, they simply have no idea on what they’re talking about and well and truly need to take an educational lesson without their tinted atheist eyeglasses.


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