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Blasphemy Charges VS Drone Strikes


Pakistan has been in the centre of media attention recently over a blasphemy charge to one of its Christian citizens. This has outraged several people, and petitions have been raised in order to free the girl in question, on top of this politicians have also openly expressed their concerns about the situation.

Now in the midst of all this outrage, what we actually find is a great example of hypocrisy, and double standards. This whole outrage for the Christian girl is what I like to refer to as people’s fake moral outrage, or better yet, their inconsistent moral outrage that truly says a lot about them and their worldview.

Think about it, we’re talking about Pakistan, and people are outraged that an innocent girl could potentially face the death penalty, so the outrage is centered on an innocent person getting killed in the country of Pakistan. This is the very same Pakistan, in which America routinely carries out drone strikes that have left dozens of innocent Pakistani civilians killed and injured, off course the only difference is that these are innocent Pakistani Muslims. So now the major hypocrisy is in open sight, when innocent Pakistani Muslims are getting murdered by American drone strikes, you hardly find the same outrage as you do in this blasphemy case, nor do you see the same type of activism in order to prevent such killings from happening.

So when innocent Pakistani Muslims are getting killed by illegal drone strikes, well that’s not a big deal, but when one Pakistani Christian’s life is in danger, suddenly everybody loses their mind at the thought, and want to do whatever they can to insure her protection and survival. When innocent Pakistani Muslims are killed, we’re told that it’s just collateral damage, or that it’s a necessary risk that must be taken in the name of national security, and combating terrorism. So basically their lives aren’t really that important, it’s just tough luck, that these innocent Pakistanis are getting murdered in their own sovereign state, by a foreign nation that’s decided to take the law into it’s own hands by conducting it’s drone strikes.

Off course nobody has pointed this double standard out, because in the eyes of many people, there is no double standard, because when innocent Pakistani Muslims are getting killed by drone strikes, that’s just daily news, and it’s not really the end of the world, those people aren’t really worth much anyway and what happened had to happen, their lives were expendable.

So the gist of this story is that if you’re an innocent Pakistani Muslim getting killed, it’s not really a big deal, but if you’re an innocent Christian Pakistani and your life is in danger, then this is a major problem and something must be done at once. It’s a bad joke of supposed morals.

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