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Atheists and Secularists, and the 'Pandora's' box argument



Atheists and Secularists argue that mixing religion with politics opens up the door (or pandora’s box) to the possibility of fanatics with insane interpretations of religion, taking power and oppressing and killing millions domestically or via foreign policy. For that reason, they argue, we should keep religion and politics separate.

If that is their argument, they would also have to separate Atheism and Secularism from politics as well, since historically, ‘insane’ interpretations of materialism (and Atheism) took power, with Communists and social-darwinists having killed tens of millions of people and oppressed countless others. ‘Insane’ interpretations of Secularism have taken power, with fascists, imperialists, colonialists, zionists, nationalists, neo-conservatives, Baathists, and liberals having killed tens of millions of people and oppressed countless others.

Of course, the Atheist and the Secularist would argue that ‘balanced’ interpretations of their beliefs wouldn’t lead to mass killing and oppression. But then why do they reject religion from politics when it could also be argued that a balanced interpretation of religion would not lead to mass killing or oppression either? It seems Atheists and Secularists use one justification for themselves, and deny the same justification to others.

However, when we look at so-called ‘balanced’ secular states throughout world history, we witness that every time they possess military advantage over other states, they continuously invade, oppress and exploit them – which has led to the deaths and oppression of millions, not to mention discrimination and oppression of minorities living in those secular states when times get hard.

What history teaches us, is not to worry just about the ‘insane’ interpretations of Atheism or Secularism getting into power, but the ‘balanced’ ones too.

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