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The failure of Secularisms premise



Secularists argue that the basis for secularism is to ensure a neutral form of government not bound to one religion. For example they argue that this is needed, for if the government wasn’t secular, and say adopted a specific religion and favored one specific religion, that this would lead to division and most likely oppression and conflict.

After all secularism in the west started after the oppressive reign of the Church, which was the very basis of secularism, they saw how the Church oppressed those who had different views, and how this also led to great divisions in society and so secularists came up with the idea of forming a government that would not have religion in it as to get rid of such problems.

Well here’s the problem, if the premise for secularism is to create a neutral form of government, so that it wouldn’t be oppressive to one specific group of people over another, thereby preventing major divisions in society that would lead to conflict or disharmony, then that premise has failed.

You see secularists for some strange reason seem to think that divisions and fighting amongst society and nations is only down to religion. That it’s only through religion that you get divisions amongst people because of the differences of belief between each faith, or each sect (Catholic VS Protestant, Sunni VS Shia).

Yet as we all know, this is blatantly false, because it’s not only through religion that you get divisions and conflict, but also through different political ideologies and orientation! So if the whole basis of secularism is to be neutral, then it’s failed, because when it comes to a certain political ideology, secular states do often take a position on which political orientation they will go by.

Some states are capitalistic, while other are socialist, others are communist, and in point some were fascists. All these forms of government and ruling are secular, but though they are secular, these secularists adhered to different philosophies of politics and how to rule best for the good of society.

Secularists talk about the need for secularism to get rid of divisions, look to America and tell us how united America is! Just look at the deep divisions between Democrats and Republicans, the left and right. When a Democrat comes to power, or when a Republican comes to power, that government is certainly not neutral in their political philosophy, they may be neutral when it comes to religion per secularism, but when it comes to political orientation and ruling they certainly are not.

So think about how silly this sounds, secularists say secularism is needed because it makes sure government is not favored towards one religion, which avoids divisions and conflict, but it’s no problem for a secular government to be favored or geared toward one set of political orientation that leads to division and conflict within society!

So it’s not okay for government to have a religion, but it’s okay for government to have a political ideology, and for many people these days, political ideology is akin to their religion, they stand and live upon their political ideology and beliefs.

Not only do we see major divisions in secular societies based on political orientation, we have seen major conflict and division between secular nations based on these competing political ideologies as well. Remember the cold war and all it’s proxy fights that left millions dead and thousands displaced? The cold war literally brought the end of humanity during the Cuban nuclear missile stand off!

And what was this conflict rooted in? Competing religious affiliation? The entire conflict was rooted in competing political ideologies and how to rule, that of the western free market democratic system with it’s sub sects (Democrats, Republicans) VS that of the Communist system. Both ideologies secular, but still massive differences and separation between the two based on political orientation.

So basically secularism came in and replaced the conflicts being done by religion and religious government, and simply replaced it by secular governments now doing the fighting over politics! So they haven’t really gotten rid of the problem, they’ve just replaced it with new ideologies and new reasons to fight for.

And this point also has to be emphasized, while secularists want government to be neutral on religion, i.e. not a Christian government, secularists have no problem in government being non neutral on a political ideology, so a government can be Democratic, Republican, Socialist, Communist, or whatever other political ideology. Government can take on a specific non-neutral and favorable political ideology and system of governance. So what’s the difference then? You can’t take a favorable role on religion, but can take a favorable role on politics, yes, that makes a lot of sense.

Secularists will argue that the reason you can’t have a Christian or Muslim government is because what about the non-believers? So if you have a Christian government, what about the Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, and atheists in society? It wouldn’t be fair to them having rules and laws favoring Christianity.

Well one can also turn this around, which is what secularists have ignored, and say that society also has people of varying political ideologies and beliefs, Democrats, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Fascist, Anarchist, and you name it. So how would it be fair on Socialists to have a Capitalist ruled government? How fair would it be on Democrats to have a Republican ruled government? How fair would it be on Liberals to have a Conservative ruled government? How fair would it be on Capitalists to have a Socialist-Marxist ruled government?

Take France for an example, how fair is t for the non-Socialists in the country, to be ruled by a Socialist government implementing Socialist policies?

So in conclusion, the entire basis of Secularism is deeply flawed, they tried to get rid of one problem, religious favoritism, and simply replaced it with another, political favoritism, which has led to just as many conflicts and division. In fact it has led to more conflicts and more death than religious conflicts. It’s a fact of life, that conflicts rooted between secular governments over political issues have caused more death and destruction than religious wars, and has even gone as far as taking the world to the brink of being wiped out (Cuban nuclear missile crisis).

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