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The Patient Noose



The current reality of  Western Liberal ‘Tolerance’, is similar to a patient executioner. The Liberal ideology in West views all beliefs systems that are fundamentally different to itself as its enemy. The history of Western Liberalism has shown it consistently executing, eradicating and castrating all resistant beliefs to its world order and vision.

So when people from lands it has previously defeated, immigrate to the West to supply it with cheap labour – and whose children subsequently rediscover their ideological heritage; Liberalism’s pretension to freedom of conscience and expression is tested for the first time and exposed as a facade.The Western concept of tolerance is merely the delayed onset of its intolerance. It ‘mercifully’ gives people time to conform themselves to its belief system via ‘integration’. However, once its patience has expired, it will not permit any difference to exist within its societies. Using the labels of ‘extremist’ and ‘Islamist’ it will systematically persecute, coerce and pressure its minorities to conform in belief and practice. Those Muslims who are adamant in holding onto their beliefs and their practice, it targets first. Although at first, it seems to praise those Muslims who, despite holding onto their beliefs, do not seek to practice them in the ‘modern world’ (i.e. moderates). In the end, they too will suffer the same fate as their brethren; for Liberalism suffers not that beliefs antithetical to its world view, should live.

The moral of the story is, while Muslims may invoke the dogma of ‘freedom’ to find protection for themselves; they should come to realise that their enemies invoke ‘freedom’ to bring about their very destruction.

And in the end, ‘Freedom’ only protects its own adherents.

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