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Islamophobic liberals are not so liberal when it comes to Islam



One of the most inconsistent things out there is when one cannot even adhere to their own set criteria, or their own set of values, when they try to attack others. What makes this all the more inconsistent is that these people often espouse how good their set of values are, and why their set of values is the correct one to go by. So surely if that was the case, you’d expect them to adhere by it?

Well when it comes to Islamophobic liberals, you certainly find this inconsistency, the fact is, when it comes to Islam, Islamophobic liberals are not willing to be so liberal anymore, clinging to liberalism and so forth.

Let us explain, one of the central tenants of liberal values is that of the individual, the individual comes before all others, it’s all about the rights of the individual person. So for example, if a person chooses to take drugs, well that’s their right because it’s their body, so they have a right to do what they want with their body, and the state has no right to tell an individual person what that person can or cannot do with their body since their body doesn’t belong to the state.

Similarly, liberals will argue a person is free to indulge in whatever sexual orientation they want because it’s their body, or whatever sexual act they want, because it’s their body.

Liberals will also add that these actions must be by consent, so for example you can’t force someone to take drugs, you cant force someone to a certain sexual orientation, or a sexual act. So basically if you personally choose to take drugs, if you personally choose to take part in this sex act, it must be of your own free will and choosing.

Now comes the inconsistency, because when Islamophobic liberals argue against Islam, they suddenly abandon this key concept of liberalism, this concept that is the central tenant and heart of their political philosophy.

Let us explain, Islamophobic liberals often attack the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for his marriage to Aisha, they argue she was far too young to get married at the age of 9. But wait a second, doesn’t liberalism champion individuality? If anyone reads the hadiths of the marriage itself, one will read that Aisha was never forced into the marriage, nor was she forced to remain in the marriage. She, by her own will and choice, entered the marriage, and remained in the marriage.

So what happened to respecting people’s individual choices? If two consenting persons chose to take part in the act, then per liberalism, it is their express right to do so and nobody should object or complain. But now suddenly, liberals aren’t willing to follow on their set belief.

Liberals may argue and say that Aisha was far too young for a marriage and so this could cause her both mental and physical harm, oh yes, like taking drugs does not cause harm to the body?! When it comes to drugs, liberals argue it’s up to that person, so it’d be a complete joke if they wanted to try and argue for the persons health benefit!

Islamophobic liberals aren’t merely illiberal when it comes to the marriage of Aisha, but also the issue of Islamic polygamy. Islamophobic liberals often argue that polygamy is wrong, and shouldn’t be allowed etc. But what happened to the individual’s right? Surely if consenting individual’s wanted to partake in polygamy, then per liberalism this would be their express right to do so. But all of a sudden, when it comes to Islam, these same liberals aren’t so willing to follow on their liberalism!

The double standards increases when you see the support these same liberals give to same sex marriages, they argue that homosexuals should be allowed to get married and nobody has the right to deny them this, yet for some reason liberals aren’t willing to extend that courtesy to polygamous marriages! Liberals who argue their all for allowing people to get married, in cases of homosexuality, want to now prevent people from getting married, in cases of polygamy! So if a man is married to 1 woman, and he wants to marry another lady, and even though his first wife knows and approves it, and the second willing wife is aware of the situation, and they all consent to it, Islamophobic liberals would still reject this, they would basically be the ones banning marriages now!

A last example is on the Shariah itself, liberals obviously have a problem with Muslims wanting to follow or implement Shariah in the west (let alone anywhere else, including the Muslim world), but what happened to the rights of the individual? If a consenting individual chooses to follow the Shariah, shouldn’t their individual expression be respected, shouldn’t they be allowed to purse their individual wish? In this case, liberals aren’t so willing to be liberal!

Instead a liberal would now sound much like an authoritarian, they would say that Muslims can’t follow the Shariah, because we have a law in the land, and Muslims must follow that law, you can’t 10 different laws as that makes too many problems. So now liberals, who are all against imposing the state upon the individual, want to impose the state onto the individual ignoring that person’s individual rights and wishes!

So in conclusion, it seems that when it comes to Islam and Muslims, liberalism isn’t that liberal at all!


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